stupid things meat-eaters say


I found a great forum of stupid things meat-eaters say, and thought I would start a collection here of my favorites that I or others have heard someone say to a vegetarian or vegan.

“You’re vegetarian? Oh, so you don’t eat protein?”

“When cows fart, it gives off CO2, and it’s bad for the ozone — that’s why we have to eat them.”

“If we didn’t eat cows, they’d go extinct! They’re only here because we eat them.”

“Oh, so you’re a vegetarian. Do you eat chicken?”

“Do you ever cheat, and sneak a piece of meat when no one is looking?”

“I just try not to think about where my meat comes from.”   

“We’re raising money to buy meat animals for poor people in Africa.”  ME: “Can they not grow things there?”  “Most people don’t have land or irrigation to grow plants there.” …

“I’d be a vegetarian, but my husband loves meat too much.”

“God gave us animals so we could eat them.”

“We should all respect animals and life, but life will end for all living things. The process of human life requires the consuming of other life.”

“You can just pick the chicken bits off of it.”

When eating a vegan chili I made.. “Wow, this chili is really good! What kind of meat did you use? ME: “Oh, there’s no meat in it — it’s tofu.”   “Oh, can I have a meat version?”


LMAO!  No offense, of’s all in good fun!  To be continued…