These have I loved:

bright dishtowels, peace lilies, the smell of oatmeal cookies and fresh clean laundry, barely walking babies, Audrey Hepburn movies, and spending hours browsing a flea market, a cool breeze after a workout, and staying up late with the giggles, vegan restaurants, holidays, and getting lost on vacation; writing letters, a new nail polish, and watching old people hold hands; the smell of loved ones during a hug, and shopping for Christmas, a loud coffee shop, kids who laugh after falling down; waking up rested, an honest prayer, and jumping in a still lake; tasting a new flavor of gum, kissing, and riding a bike downhill; sweet raspberries, handmade earrings, yoga pants, and weddings; Indian accents, and vintage photographs, cucumbers, Trader Joe’s chapstick, and water with a straw –no ice; driving towards a sunset, flip-flops, cherries, the sound of rain on a rooftop, and a houseplant surviving; emails from friends, artichoke hearts, a good hair day, newborn puppies, ventriloquists, epiphanies of wisdom, star-gazing, and you. yes, you!


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