wall art update

wall art update

I’ve been making a lot of watercolor paintings this summer, and I’m kinda running out of space to keep them!
I’ve been taping them on the walls with washi tape and rotating them out every so often. Here’s my latest update.
I made the four in the middle. The left one is an ink print I made in watercolor class this spring. It’s of a forest – reminds me of home.
Next to that is a quote that Paul says all the time, “That’s life. Right there.”
Then the next two are my paintings. One is of leaves/foliage, and the other is abstract circles (they look like planets to me) that I painted with the same color scheme.
Very slowly, I’ve been trying to switch out my boring mass-produced “art” and replace it with something that has more of a personal connection to me/us. It’s difficult, especially if it’s something I’ve made, because my tendency is to look for flaws, but I’m learning to look at my artwork as a whole, appreciate the process, and the uniqueness of each thing I create.


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