I’ve been much more in the Christmas spirit this year. My coworker has been playing a Christmas radio station non-stop at work since Thanksgiving, and somehow I have yet to inflict self-harm. The music actually makes me cheery and sentimental, and though I keep waiting for the moment when it will make me scroogify, it hasn’t happened yet.

we will be flying back to WA for Christmas, and recently there has a been discussion about having a “non-commercial” no-gift (or very minimal gift) Christmas season with my husband’s side of the family. The idea intrigued me when my MIL asked me if I had any ideas of something we could DO together, instead of buying stuff. No one in the family really needs anything, or needs to spend unnecessary money, so how about doing an activity instead?

Well, I consulted Google to gather ideas on some family activities we could do, which I will share with you. [Note: my husband comes from a family of 3 boys, none have kids yet, which makes this more challenging, but I will include other ideas that different families could use, too!]

1. buy wax and make candles together
2. look through childhood photo albums/ watch home videos
3. do a white elephant gift exchange of sorts. book exchange? bring unused things and take what you like?
4. everyone go out and shovel snow for random people. :D
5. give a list of quotes that remind you each person. or write a silly poem.
6. snowman contest
7. gingerbread house making
8. sleigh ride – we will be doing this!!
9. snow shoeing
10. drive around to neighborhoods with nice christmas lights
11. cookie baking (for boys: cookie eating contest?)
12. ice skating
13. go see a play like “It’s a Wonderful Life”
14. go caroling
15. see a live nativity
16. make snow globes
17. Wii
18. have each person write down private predictions for the new year, then hide them to be read the following year.
19. games, games, games
20. decorate gingerbread men
these were the best I could find. feel free to leave other ideas in the comments!
tidings of comfort and joy to you this season!

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