estoy de vuelta

time for a ‘lil update friends ::

It’s been a busy summer. I took two online classes (communication disorders) this summer, and worked full-time in the Special Ed. office at the district…and it kicked my butt. I felt like I had no life! But, I managed to get through it, but I have resolved to never take more than one class at a time, while I’m working full-time. 

I want my learning process to be fun, and it just was too burdensome to manage after working a full day. 

So, now I’m still working at the district, but through a series of events and the combination of budget cuts, disorganized government policies, and the drama of Directors fighting over me — it is too much to explain, don’t ask — I am now happily working in a different department, Health Programs instead of Special Ed. 

I’m working to run the two billing programs the district runs to get money from the State, and as boring as that may sound, it is actually kind of interesting. I get to interact with almost all of the education professionals in the district, including the SLPs, and the office is a very nice environment. And I have a great boss, who is really down to earth, professional, and encouraging. And to top it all off, my coworker is determined to teach me Spanish! So, I’m learning lots, and I think this will be a good change for me.

I’m also taking one online class, Articulation & Phonological Disorders. I feel like I’m getting into the real thing now. :) kind of exciting/scary.

also, my 2nd Etsy store of my handmade jewelry recently surpassed my vintage etsy store in the total number of sales! I’m always get such a thrill when someone buys, because I still can’t believe someone else in the world is willing to pay money for something I made. Ha! Randomly, a few months ago, I sold an earring set to a Taylor girl, who lived on my old wing, of all places! No clue how she found me, or if that was just coincidence, but it was fun for sure. 

Yesterday, we bought a really cool wooden/bamboo cabinet thing from craigslist to store all my fabrics, crafts, and some vintage stuff, and I’m loving it. It was literally the perfect dimensions for it to fit between 2 windows next to Paul’s desk. Craigslist is my fav furniture store…there is really no reason to buy new, when there are really cool vintage or used stuff in the world to reuse and give new life to. 

We watched this intriguing documentary on Netflix recently called No Impact Man about a man and his family who decide to have zero environmental impact for one year. I thought it would be impossible, of course, but the movie was kind of inspiring, in all of it’s absurdity. It showed that it IS much more possible than you might think to make changes in your life that reduce a tremendous amount of waste. I am the first to admit that I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to recycling or anything that takes extra effort. This movie made me think though, and re-evaluate myself. I recommend it.

Pasadena recently outlawed the distribution of plastic bags in grocery stores. And they are forcing businesses to charge customers 10 cents for a paper bag. Paul and I already had been using reusable bags for the most part, but it has still been an adjustment. I have not paid an extra 10 cents yet, but I have had to awkwardly carry out stuff to my car without a bag, if I forgot to bring mine. Those experiences have taught me quick to remember my reusable bags though, and now that I have adjusted, I believe it is a good law. I think some people are ticked though…like the guy I saw whose paper bag broke as he was crossing the street the other day… 

in other news, Paul and I celebrated 3 years of marriage last month. :O It seems like a while, doesn’t it? I feel there is so much to learn in marriage; it grows and evolves as you do. There are so many levels of this one relationship…I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say. I feel thankful for the person I have in my husband, and I hope I can learn more about how to be his best friend, best supporter, and to admire him always. 


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