positive fasting

I’ve been wanting to get some prayers answered in my life and in a couple friends’ lives lately.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of positive fasting. Positive, meaning adding something specific to your routine, rather than taking something away. Maybe that’s not considered fasting? We’ll have to ask God, of course, but I’m thinking he’s cool with it.

In regular fasting, we generally take something out which we will almost always put back into our lives as soon as the fast is over. For example, not eating meat or sweets, giving up your pillow, not wearing makeup.

Positive fasting, on the other hand, has a good potential for forming healthy habits. Here are some ideas:

-say 10 encouraging words every day


-eat X number of vegetables everyday

-worship for 20 minutes a day (this could be through singing, art, prayer, journaling, whatever)

-say nice things about people who bug you (when they are not around – for extra points!)

-do 1 extra labor of love than you normally would

-send 5 honoring and loving text messages

-clean something you hate cleaning

-stay late (at work, class, or with family). spend extra time with people, which you normally don’t.

Any more ideas? And, which one should I do? :)


One thought on “positive fasting

  1. I have heard it said,
    “Gratefulness is the blowtorch to oppression.”

    So, I like the idea of sending texts expressing gratefulness, verbalizing gratefulness for people who bug you, those types of ones.

    Great idea, Marika!

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