I haven’t written here for a little while, so it’s time for a ‘lil update.

I got the job at PUSD. I’m working in the Special Education Department. I’ve been working since the beginning of March. I am in charge of the Special Ed. file room, and I also do event planning for trainings. I am very busy. Doing the event planning isn’t my favorite, but once I get used to the type of events they do and what is needed, I think I will like it more. Working the file room isn’t too bad either, it is just a mess right now! I like the quiet and solitude of filing though. The people who I work with are, for the most part, friendly. A few coworkers and I have gone out to lunch a couple times now, and it’s nice to hang out with them outside of work and get to know them more as friends.

I’ve been taking an online class — Language, Speech, and Hearing Development. This is the first of the prerequisites I need to take before applying to grad school for Communication Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology). I will be done with the class a week from today. It looks like I’m going to get an “A.”  Getting an “A” feels very encouraging, and it has boosted my confidence that, “yes, I can do this!” I was worried that this field may be a little too on the “scientific” side for me, but I feel empowered that I can handle it now. This class has sparked my interest to learn more. I just wish I could take more classes, so I could finish the prerequisites sooner, but right now I want and need to work, too. I may be able to take two classes and still work next semester, because I think the professor for my next classes is easier…but we will see.

Taking a class helps keep my sanity at work, though. When I have an un-fun day, I have light at the end of the tunnel that someday I will be in a more exciting, meaningful, and professional job.

In this position, I have been much more exposed to the world of Special Needs. The children who receive our services truly are special.  As I learn more about them through the brief interactions I do have, I feel like I am literally stepping into a different world. It has been fascinating for me, and I am amazed at how unique and beautiful God has created each person to be. Our God is so big. He chooses to show his love through a prism of different lights. And anyone who can participate in that truly is a special person.


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