early christmas!

Last week Paul and I were able to take a much needed vacation up to Washington. I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in an amazing wedding. It was my first time being a bridesmaid, and I loved being able to stand behind her, supporting her, as she did for me 2.5 years ago. Praise God for bringing people together in marriage! It was truly an epic event.

After the wedding in Seattle, we drove over the pass to stay for the rest of the week with each of our families. Both Paul’s parents and mine are renting out rooms to International students this winter, who work at the Steven’s Pass ski resort. My parents are hosting a Brazilian in his late twenties. Paul’s parents are hosting 2 students from Brazil, and one from Argentina. Paul’s parents have done this for several years now in a row now. I love going home and meeting these International students, because it’s like making instant friends — and, my God! they all are so interesting! Last spring when we went home, we met a couple (also from Brazil) who is now traveling the world! Their journey started in Leavenworth, WA. Read their blog here: We Do Have Time.

Later on in the week, my grandpa (Dad’s dad) came to visit. He is so inspiring! An exercise fanatic, and looking awesome for his age — 79. One night he told some stories about what life was like during the Great Depression, and what his parents were like, and I wrote down his family tree. He also told a story of how my dad almost died when he was a toddler. They called the doctor, who was at a Halloween party, and the doctor came and told them to rush him to the hospital NOW and to not stop for anything. He would have died in a matter of a couple hours or less, if he hadn’t come.

Then we celebrated Christmas twice. This is one thing that is absolutely awesome in marriage. Two families. Two celebrations! My family’s Christmas consisted of lots of clothing and candy. At the R. family, we each were assigned a person to give to. This year everyone broke the rules, because they all pitched in to get Paul and I what we were going to buy for each other for Christmas — a Kindle. Wow! That was shocking! They even bought us the “no ads” version — so generous! The kindle is awesome though. Paul has already read the entire Hunger Games book, plus part of Sherlock Holmes.

A collegue from Southwestern called my work the other day, to notify me of some sad news. My old supervisor there (who found a new job just after I did) lost her father to a heart attack. She has no other immediate family — no mother, no sibling, and only 30 years old. My heart broke. I am going to the funeral tomorrow. Life is such a gift, yet so temporary.

I was just telling Paul the other day how I really feel like life is slipping away faster now. I’m going to be 24 in February, which I know is still young to many of you, but really…24 years over! I read a quote recently: “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.” I liked it at first. I still like it, but it’s a little scary…like I need to try really hard not to screw up. Maybe it’s not about a perfect drawing though — maybe it’s about the joy of it…the joy of creating, and exploring, and trying. In the end, it’s our Daddy in heaven who sees what we drew, and we’re his kids so of course it looks awesome.


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