A lot has happened this week and since my last post! On Wednesday last week, I applied for a job as an executive assistant at the Fuller Foundation, a financial services organization for Christians. The next day, I got a phone call from the screening person there, and I had a phone interview. It went well, and she set up an interview the next day, Friday. I went out that night and bought a skirt suit and heels ($200 bucks! gah!) for the interview because she told me that it was a very professional environment.

On Friday afternoon, I had the interview and I met with three different people. The interview was on the sixth floor of a building right across the street from Fuller Seminary. Everybody was so nice and professional, and it felt like a great environment. At the end of that interview, we set up a time for me to come back on Monday for a 2nd interview to meet the Executive Director who started the foundation.

On Monday afternoon, I met with the Executive Director and he was SO NICE. I was a little nervous at first since I’ve had intimidating bosses before, but he was so easy to talk to and I felt so comfortable. It probably helped that he is a graduate from TAYLOR UNIVERSITY! How awesome is that? And, he had just gotten back from Homecoming at Taylor University the weekend before! Also, he introduced me to another girl that works in the adjacent office who also graduated from Taylor, just a year before me! She looked very familiar, and I just looked her up on Facebook, and we have 12 mutual friends, including one of my neighbors here! Wow!

At the end of that interview, he offered me the job. He said that they will still have to run the background check and call my references, but that he would love to have me join the team! Yay! We talked about pay briefly and it is looking like I will be getting a good upgrade there, plus full benefits for Paul and I. I am going to wait until they confirm with my references and background check to give my 2-weeks notice at my current job, but I am so excited!

When I left the interview, the other Executive Assistant (whom I will be working with and sitting next to) left with me and we went in the elevator together and she just congratulated me and expressed how excited she was, too. I feel like she is going to be great to work with. She also shared with me one of the great perks about our job. Everyday they cater in lunch from various restaurants around Pasadena — company paid for. We, as Exective Assistants, get to choose the restaurant every day! Amazing! (I hope I don’t gain weight!)

I feel blessed beyond measure.


2 thoughts on “hired

  1. Hi, I just back checking my blog and click your blog. Congrats for your new job, sounds like you have a greaaaaat paid and benefits + in California..! What a blessing right!

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