jesus, take the wheel!

The interview last Friday went…okay. It wasn’t bad, I just feel like I’ve walked out of interviews feeling a lot better before. I distinctly sensed that the man thought I was young. Whether that means I reminded him of his granddaughter, or that I’m inexperienced, or that I just have youthful skin, I do not know — but that is how I felt I was perceived. There was just this look with a little smile when I was speaking that gave me the sense that he thought I was young — in a negative way. Sigh.

However, at the end he did add that “I am just starting out in my career,” which seemed to be a positive comment.

Honestly, I have no idea, but I have big doubts that anything will come of it. Sigh. As my co-worker would say, “Jesus, take the wheel!”

Meanwhile, I have been accepted at Utah State University to take online prerequisite classes for Speech-Language Pathology! Yay! Classes don’t start until January, but I’m getting very excited.

I haven’t decided how many classes I will take yet. If I am working full-time, I will try to take two courses and see if I can handle that. I’d like to just go full-time school and get it done as fast as possible, but that will all depend on what kind of part-time jobs Paul and I can get. I really need to get straight A’s on all my prerequisites, so that I can have the best changes of getting accepted into the graduate school of my choice. I don’t want to overload myself with classes if it will make my grades suffer.

Anyway, just wanted to update you on that!

Love to all!


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