walking home from Trader Joes - the view from the parking lot :)


new goal

I recently realized that I’ve hardly taken any pictures since we’ve moved to Pasadena. It’s very sad! Part of the problem is that Paul gets squeemish in front of a camera, so it’s like pulling teeth to be able to get him behind a camera for very long. But, I don’t want to go through our lives without having any pictures to document this time. I’m going to try a new goal — to take one picture everyday.

A friend here did this and posted each picture on her blog everyday. Her blog is filled with pictures of random things — a book, dinner, toes — that way it releases you from the pressure of getting a good picture all the time. It makes the goal easier to complete. I’m not going to post a picture everyday here, but I promise I’ll share some.. :)

dolphins and sunburns

We had a fun and relaxing labor day weekend…it is so nice to have a day off!

We went out for fish tacos with the Chen family, played games, slept in, went to the flea market (got some great vintage decor items for Ivory’s bridal shower!), watched shows on netflix, went swimming in our pool, Paul cooked for me, and today we went to the beach with life group people and got to watch dolphins doing flips in the waves — Paul was practically swimming with them! Paul and I both came back looking like lobsters, and now we’re aloe-ing it up.

lobster girl

And now, the work week is one day shorter and the weekend that much closer! :) Yipee!