in the cherry orchard

in the cherry orchard

where I breathe in blooms

and lay among the roots

who grow from memories

the blossoms sunbathe

above as I make shapes

out of the sky with my hands




Haven’t blogged for a while…It’s amazing how life’s distractions can just come in and take up a huge chunk of time!

Lately, the main thing occupying my mind has been, “What should I do with my life?” Over and over and over again. I guess I have a one track mind.

Paul says, “I want cheese…”
Marika says, “What should I do with my life?”

Paul says, “I have a fifteen page paper to write.”
Marika says, “What should I do with my LIFE?”

Paul says, “I just chopped my finger off.”
Mariks says, “I wish I just knew what to do….”

My poor man.

However, this time of endless mulling over this question has brought some ideas:

-Occupational Therapist
-Speech Language Pathologist
-Grant Writer
-Novelist/Children’s Book Writer

Right now, I’m going for “Grant Writer.” It does not require more education (a.k.a. loans), and I think it would be very meaningful if I was working for a non-profit I believe in. Also, it pays pretty good once you have experience.

I applied to some grant related positions, and I got a response from one! I had a phone interview yesterday with the Braille Institute for a grant writing position and they are willing to train the right person. The woman said she would like to interview me in person with her boss and she is going to contact me to set up a time soon. Yay!

I would really appreciate your prayers on this. The job market is really tough right now, and since I don’t have previous grant experience, I’m really going to need some divine intervention to get this job. If it’s God’s will, of course.

It’s nice knowing that God’s got my back on this. Even if I don’t get it, I’ll know there’s something else for me.

In other news, Paul is just about finished with his FIRST YEAR OF GRAD SCHOOL! Woooo-whooooo! Now just five more years to go. *Cough* But really, it’s pretty sweet. And I can tell he’s getting smarter! I’m kinda hoping he doesn’t get too smart though, because then I’ll be the dumb blonde.

Lately, I’ve been really wanting to get a pet. Something furry. Since we live in Fuller Housing, we’re not allowed to have pets. So I’ve been thinking about moving. But everything is so expensive, and I feel kind of silly moving just for an animal. I just miss having little furry creatures around to cuddle with.

I know, I’ve said before that animals are a waste of money, but I’m changing my mind. Sometimes you just need a little fuzzy thing that doesn’t speak English to talk to and play with.

Paul is going to take some convincing, but I definitely don’t believe I’ll be able to live here five more years without some sort of addition to the family. ;)